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Chemical Toilets for sale in south africaChemical toilets for sale in South Africa direct from the manufacture at the best prices. Royal Tent is the leading supplier of chemical toilets in the world.

A chemical toilet is a toilet which uses chemicals to deodorize the waste instead of storing it in a hole or piping it away to a sewage treatment plant.

Common types include aircraft lavatory, some passenger train toilets and the portable toilets used on construction sites and at large gatherings. They can normally be identified with a blue-colored dye in the bowl water.

Because chemical toilets are usually used for short term periods and because of their high purchase prices, they are mostly rented rather than bought often including servicing and cleaning.

Royal Tents Flush Toilets are available in three colours and 3 models such as VIP, Flush and Non Flush. Our portable toilets are manufactured from virgin materials that insure high quality at all times. We purchase our raw materials from local suppliers making proudly South African.

Chemical toilets are often used on construction sites and at outdoor gatherings such as music festivals, and in caravans.

All our products are custom built to meet the specific requirements of our client. Across the board our products are offered as a buy. Latest technology ensures uniformity and a stress free product.

Chemical toilets are typically used as a temporary toilet for construction sites or large gatherings because of their durability and convenience. Most portable toilets have black open-front U-shaped toilet seats with a cover. They are often constructed out of lightweight molded plastic.

We specifically cater for the following markets: Corporate Events, Film Industry, Advertising Industry Events, Musical Concerts, Cultural Events, Fashion Shows, Weddings, Product Launches and Sporting Events i.e. Cycling, Golf, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Horse Racing etc.

Our extensive fleet of mobile, portable toilet expertise ensure total customer satisfaction no matter what your application and product requirements. Royal Tents total luxury package is cemented with the customer in mind through our affordable premium pricing.

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